Hormone Testing in Wexford, PA

Dr. Daniel Turack’s complete hormone testing in Wexford, PA measures the hormone levels of both males and females. We recommend an assessment of hormone levels to anyone complaining of low energy, mood swings, a lack of focus/concentration, or decreased libido to either confirm or rule out a possible hormonal imbalance.

Understanding Hormones

People reference hormones a lot but very few of us truly understand them. Hormones are manufactured by ductless glands, also known as endocrines. These include the pituitary gland, the sex glands, two adrenal glands, the thyroid gland, and four parathyroid glands.

Once hormones are released into the blood stream, they act as our body’s most powerful chemical messengers; basically instructing cells within the body to respond to certain bodily functions and processes in order to keep the body properly functioning and balanced.

The hormonal pathways of men and women are unique.

A woman’s ovaries manufacture estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. During a woman’s reproductive years, each of these hormones must be in synch to manage and maintain a regular menstrual cycle.

Meanwhile, a male’s testes are responsible for roughly 95% of testosterone production. The remainder is supplied by the adrenal glands along with trace amounts of estrogen.

Hormones play a significant role in bodily processes such as:

• Growth and Development
• Metabolism
• Sexual Function/Reproductive Growth and Health
• Cognitive Function/Mood
• Body Temperature Maintenance

What Happens When Hormones Are Out of Whack?

Too much or too little of a certain hormone is disruptive to the body’s internal chemistry and can wield varied undesirable results. It’s quite common for one’s hormones levels to go into a state of disarray due to physical or emotional stress and the unavoidable natural process of aging. If you believe you may be suffering from a hormonal balance, remember that Dr. Turack is just a phone call away for male or female hormone testing in Wexford, PA.

Aside from what we know about the effects of declining estrogen when it comes to female menopause, and the effects of the now more commonly diagnosed low testosterone or low “T” in men, deficient or excess hormones in one’s body can result in various conditions and sometimes even chronic disorders.

Conditions Tied to Female Hormonal Balances

Breast Cancer, Endometriosis, Infertility, Irregular Menstrual Cycle, Osteoporosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Symptoms Linked to Hormonal Imbalances in Women

• Anxiety/Nervousness
• Bloating
• Breast Tenderness
• Decreased Fertility
• Decreased Sex Drive
• Depression
• Excess Facial/Body Hair
• Facial Acne
• Hair Loss
• Hot Flashes
• Heavy Periods with Pain/Discomfort
• Irregular Menstrual Cycle
• Irritability
• Lack of Concentration
• Loss of Bone Density
• Loss of Memory
• Loss of Muscle Tone
• Mood Swings
• Night Sweats
• Oily Skin
• Sleep Disturbances
• Urinary Incontinence
• Uterine Fibroids
• Vaginal Dryness
• Weight Gain

Symptoms Linked to Male Hormonal Imbalance

• Abdominal Fat
• Decreased Focus/Mental Clarity
• Decreased Stamina
• Decreased Urine Flow
• Depression
• Erectile Dysfunction
• Heightened Urge to Urinate
• Hot Flashes
• Inability to Concentrate
• Irritability
• Loss of Muscle Strength
• Low Libido
• Mood Swings
• Night Sweats
• Sleep Disturbances

Female Hormone Testing in Wexford

Menopause ™ Hormone Test – This noninvasive salivary hormonal test is conducted to establish baseline hormone measurements of estradiol, estrone, estriol, progesterone, and testosterone. If an imbalance is detected, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may be needed.

Dr. Turack’s Menopause Plus hormone test includes the above plus an Adrenocortex Stress Profile and Comprehensive Melatonin Profile to measure how cortisol, DHEA, and melatonin influence sex hormones.

Rhythm ™ Hormone Test – This saliva test, consisting of 11 saliva samples over a 28-day period, offers us a more comprehensive assessment of fluctuating hormone levels over a precise period of time. We recommend this test to patients with chronic gynecologic disorders.

Dr. Turack also offers a Rhythm Plus test that includes a comprehensive circadian analysis of cortisol and melatonin, as well as a DHEA assessment.

Essential Estrogens ® Hormone Test – This single urine sample measures urinary estrogens and estrogen metabolites. It also includes an estrogen methylation assessment. The goal of this test is to help prevent and treat estrogen-related symptoms and diseases.

Male Hormone Testing in Wexford

Male Hormonal Health ™ Test – Our male hormonal health testing uses a single serum sample to test levels of DHEA, testosterone, the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), Estradiol, Dihydotestosterone (DHT), and Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1).

Complete Male Hormone ™ Test – Our complete male hormone test is a urine test evaluating androgens and metabolites, adrenal hormones and metabolites, anabolic/catabolic balance, estrogens, and progesterone metabolites. This test is designed to provide insight into a range of disorders from decreased libido and lost muscle mass to cardiovascular disease.